Monday, August 17, 2009

say hello to my little friend.

the smoldering heat has had me laying way too low, meaning sleeping til late, watching movies in bed, eating twizzlers and well we all know what that leads to..

if you add in a little failed singing career, a years worth of frapuccinos, 2 kids and a mental breakdown..

this is why i've decided to get on the home workout train!

this is no ordinary video kids! this man is quite the deepak chopra of butt and thigh reduction!

i want to share some deep thoughts by tony little which i have to admit, make it hard to hold my gluteus maximus clench.

"you have to go out on a whim to win the fruit"
"you are the only one responsible for your failures"
"squeeze and squeeze, and squeeze and hooold"
"you have to fail before you are successful"
"life is too short!"
"defeat is only temporary"
"i've always had big cheeks"
"capitalize on your strengths"

and if that doesn't inspire you, maybe his lushous locks will.

good nite kids.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my good gracious!
    That photo of him on the bear skin rug will encourage me to keep it clenched!
    Poor mushy barton- she can't catch a break with those dimples can she? Sheesh.
    Even at your "largest" you're still one fifth of her size. You're a goddamn acorn and I want to smash you between my palms and eat you up.
    Wait, I bet Mr. Tony tracks all web comments about him and he might actually do it. I bet you he google searches him self daily for just a discovery like this.
    You better work out so you can out run him. Remember-he invented the gazelle... he must be fast.