Tuesday, August 4, 2009

yes, im a shiksa. MAZEL TOV!

i have been planning a bar mitzvah for over 8 months now. exactly one month from today FINALLY, approximately 447 people will witness what a young jewish boy anticipates for 13 long years..MAZAL TOV to manhood!

for inspirational and educational purposes, as always, i have resorted to "the internet" and netflix.

im sharing a few amazing snipets of what my life has been like for the past months.

first up, sixty-six, a movie about a nerdy english jewish boy who has dreamt of a fabulous bar mitzvah since his bris.

after a series of mishaps, including the bar mitzvah landing on the 1966 world cup finals and his parents' house burning down, Bernie is forced to settle for a low budget backyard bar mitzvah.

dad, insecure and everything but a successful shoe salesman.

mother, once fabulous, now married the wrong brother.

big brother, douche bag.

note: tight lips on all below.

his matching velvet suit and yamikah make me want to scream.

(i hear this boy briefly dated miley-crazyteeth cyrus, OY! so not kosher)

next up, the U2 mocumentary with ben stiller, bono had to start somewhere!

Krusty the clown's bar mitzvah on season 15.
Krusty decides to finally have his Bar Mitzvah after he returns to his old neighborhood and realizes his star is not in the Jewish Walk of Fame because he is not a Jewish "man".

we cant leave the ladies behind.. the oh so appropriate bat mitzvah singer from starsky and hutch:

i end my post with some yummy pics that make me want to time travel and be a bar mitzvah planner extraordinaire in the 50s and 60s.

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